Delivering Results Across Multiple Industry Sectors

Stephanie Sproule

Stephanie Sproule

Led by Principal Consultant Stephanie Sproule, Optimum Statistics consults on the statistical design of research studies, as well as the anlaysis, reporting and presentation of data. Located in Winnipeg, we serve clients throughout Canada and the United States across a range of industries.

Over 12 Years of Biostatistics Experience

Lead statistician Stephanie Sproule has over 15 years of experience as a Biostatistician, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. She holds a Bachelor of Science with honors in Statistics from the University of Manitoba, as well as a Masters of Mathematics in Statistics - Biostatistics from the University of Waterloo. Stephanie is also trained in Lean Six Sigma methodology.

A Wide Range of Research Methodologies

We are well versed in a wide range of research methodologies, including:

  • Descriptive and exploratory analyses
  • Graphical data summaries (i.e. data visualization)
  • Regression analysis (e.g. simple linear, generalized linear, etc.)
  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and analysis of covariance (ANCOVA)
  • Inferential statistics (e.g. t-test, F-test, etc.)
  • Statistical process control (e.g. control charts, process optimization)
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Design of experiments
  • Survival and time-to-event analysis
  • Repeated measures analysis

Your Privacy is Paramount

Regardless of your industry or research objectives, Optimum Statistics recognizes that your data is proprietary and confidential. We are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your organization's intellectual property and will work with you to ensure the security of your data.

Whether you are looking for advice on a particular statistical problem, or have a large research project requiring long-term statistical support, Optimum Statistics is here to help.


I worked with Stephanie Sproule/Optimum Statistics as a statistical consultant/contractor for ~5 months. She was pleasant and easy to work with, and her work was professional and high-quality throughout. She worked seamlessly with a large, dispersed internal team and with external clients, and she provided careful and thorough reviews and feedback across a large number of high-pressure deliverables. It was a pleasure working with her.
— Joe Murray, Director, Biostatistics at PRA Health Sciences