Better Decisions Driven By Data

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From sales data to manufacturing logs and product tests, we turn data into usable information that you can use to improve systems, products and processes. Working as a member of your team, we can discover ways to increase efficiency, productivity and sales.

With experience in the presentation of statistical results to audiences ranging from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to non-technical audiences with little to no statistical training, we are uniquely qualified to manage your research project from the idea stage through the interpretation and presentation of results.

Optimum Statistics works in the following sectors:

Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

We help doctors, research centres and pharmaceutical companies improve patient care and develop better products through the application of biostatistics in their research. Our experience includes helping the health sector analyze epidemiologic and public health data to better understand the benefits and risks of policies, initiatives and regulations.

For biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well as academic researchers, we assist in the design of controlled clinical trials. We have experience in the design and analysis of pre-clinical and Phase I - IV clinical studies, including pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, safety and efficacy studies and can provide support when discussing statistical issues with regulatory agencies.


Here on the prairies, comparing grains, seeds and fertilizers can lead to enormous gains in terms of yield and product success. We have a wealth of experience designing experiments, analyzing data and reporting statistical results. From simple product comparisons to complex field studies, we're here to help.


Through trending, forecasting and exploratory analysis, we help businesses drive strategic and marketing decisions using website and customer data they're already collecting. We can help you learn more about your customers, develop intelligent sales forecasts, optimize business processes and study system inefficiencies. Based on a foundation of statistics, we can leverage your data to improve customer service quality and implement lean processes.


With a background in industrial statistics, our specialty is the planning and execution of the exploratory analysis process to gather data and look at what factors are affecting yield, defects and other production metrics. The end result is process optimization, which leads to increased efficiency, waste reductions and quality improvements.


From study design to statistical analysis, we help PhD/Masters students and academic researchers gain the insights they need to write journal papers, dissertations and grant proposals. We offer support to ensure you're on the right path, increasing the odds of you getting funded and published.


Whether you are looking to analyze donor trends or forecast donation needs based on previous years, we assist with in-depth data analysis and predictions to aid in strategic planning and annual reports. The end result is a better understanding of your needs and services, and the ability to secure funding through professional projections. When time allows, we offer statistical consulting services at no charge for non-profits that share our vision, specifically organizations involved in infant and child health, as well as services to seniors.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.